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Ask the Expert
by Randy Taylor, Advanced Tooling Corporation.

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Here is your chance to have chromium plating expert, Randy Taylor, answer your hard chrome

Randy Taylor
plating questions. Mr. Taylor will try to field as many hard-chrome-plating-related questions as possible and the NMFRC maintains an archive of general interest questions and answers. There is no cost for this service. Please try to keep your questions appropriate for this format. Mr. Taylor cannot provide, in an e-mail exchange, highly detailed, site specific, or consulting-level responses. To ask your question, simply complete the form below.

Mr. Taylor is currently president of Advanced Tooling Corporation, located in Vienna, VA.

To ask your question, complete the form below. Make sure your email address is valid and correctly entered. Mr. Taylor will respond only to the address provided in the form.

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Disclaimer: Randy Taylor is an independent consultant and is not employed by the EPA or NMFRC. Mr. Taylor offers answers to questions in good faith, to the best of his knowledge. However, this nature of this forum limits him to the information provided by the submitter, and omits data derived firsthand from site visits. Often times, data and observations derived from visits to the facility can significantly improve the quality of diagnosis and suggested corrective action. Readers and submitters are encouraged to use these answers as a guideline only, and explore other available sources of information in greater detail before making key decisions or process changes.


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