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Ask the Expert Question-and-Answer Archive
(Hard Chrome Plating)

by Randy Taylor, Advanced Tooling Corporation
May, 2008


Available Hard Chrome Finishes

Q. Looking for a catalog or information on the different types of finishes available. By this I mean, what is simple anodized, bright polished, ultra polished, grain patterns. What is the best source for this information?

A. Lynn, try contacting "Metal Finishing Magazine" at the following metalfinishing@mail.elsevier-alerts.com depending on your level of interest, you might want to subscribe to the annual Metal Finishing Guidebook. I've been a satisfied member for years.

There are several other worthy organizations and technical authorities providing a broad range of related subjects, literature and process information. If MF doesn't get the job done for you, let me know I can dig up a few more.


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