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Historical Articles

February, 1954 issue of Plating



The AES Interim Meeting—Blueprint For a Convention . . .

FEBRUARY 13 marks the third Interim Meeting to be: sponsored by the Society. This year’s session follows those held in Philadelphia and Columbus, Ohio, and features reports, proposals and all matters referred to the Supreme Society by the Annual Meeting. Climaxing the one-day meeting, which starts at 10 a.m., will be nominations for National Third Vice-President, a post which this year should be hotly contested, according to reports.

Here again the spotlight is on the Branch Delegate His important role in Society affairs is re-emphasized. It is a time when the Branch through him is given the opportunity to voice its sentiments for or against a proposal . . . a time when he and other Delegates get together to plan the forthcoming National Convention.

Host to the many Delegates and members will be the Toronto Branch. An enjoyable visit is promised and Toronto members extend an invitation to all who may wish to attend the local Branch’s Annual Meeting on February 12 at the Royal York Hotel, setting, also, for the Interim Meeting the following day.

The AES Interim Meeting is another ”must” for Delegates. The confusion of convention planning, the plethora of detail can be well minimized if Delegates attend and take active part in this important session, truly a blueprint for July’s convention in New York City.

P. Peter Kovatis
Executive Secretary, AES.

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