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The 54th William Blum Lecture, Innovative Applications of Electroplating and PVD for New Material Solutions, Jun - 2018, Dr. Per Møller
The William Blum Scientific Achievement Award - Its Background and History, - ,
The 1st William Blum Lecture, Education and the Electroplating Industry, - 1959, Dr. William Blum
The 2nd William Blum Lecture, Faraday’s Law Applied to Cleaning, - 1960, A. Kenneth Graham
The 3rd William Blum Lecture, The Challenge Before Us, - 1961, Dr. Charles L. Faust
The 4th William Blum Lecture, The Speed of Processes Involved in Electroplating: Movement of Solute, Attainment of the Steady State and Formation of Metal, - 1962, Dr. Abner Brenner
The 5th William Blum Lecture, Pitting of Decorative Nickel-Chromium Coatings, - 1963, Dr. W. Andrew Wesley
The 6th William Blum Lecture, Some Engineering Aspects of Electrodeposition, - 1964, Mr. R.A.F. Hammond
The 7th William Blum Lecture, Metallurgical Aspects of Electrodeposits, - 1967, Dr. Harold J. Read
The 8th William Blum Lecture, Mechanism of the Plating Process, - 1968, Dr. Henry B. Linford
The 9th William Blum Lecture, Addition Agents, Anions and Inclusions in Bright Nickel Plating, - 1968, Dr. Henry Brown
The 10th William Blum Lecture, The Nucleation Dependent Growth Layer: A Structure Element in Electrocrystallization, - 1968, Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Fischer
The 11th William Blum Lecture, Some Contributions of U.S. Supply Houses to Plating Science and Technology, - 1970, Arthur H. DuRose
The 12th William Blum Lecture, Some Practical and Theoretical Considerations of Corrosion and the Role of Chromium, - 1971, Jesse E. Stareck
The 13th William Blum Lecture, Polarization, - 1974, Thomas Percy Hoar
The 14th William Blum Lecture, Current Distribution on Microprofiles, - 1974, Otto Kardos
The 15th William Blum Lecture, Electroplating, Electrochemistry and Electronics, - 1975, George Dubpernell
The 16th William Blum Lecture, Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Alloy Plating, - 1976, Ernst Raub
The 17th William Blum Lecture, Electrodeposition and Government Laboratories, - 1976, Fielding Ogburn
The 18th William Blum Lecture, The Plater and Pollution - How to Meet Water Quality Requirements without Offending the EPA, - 1977, Joseph B. Kushner
The 19th William Blum Lecture, Research and Decorative Coatings, - 1978, Burton B. Knapp
The 20th William Blum Lecture, Technical Communication – (Or—Your Old Technical Editor Strikes Again), - 1979, Frederick B. Lowenheim
The 21st William Blum Lecture, Opportunism!, - 1980, William H. Safranek
The 22nd William Blum Lecture, Don’t Believe Everything You Hear, - 1981, Dr. Joseph Edwards
The 23rd William Blum Lecture, Material Science of Electrodeposits, - 1982, Rolf Weil
The 24th William Blum Lecture, Looking Back, - 1983, Fred Pearlstein
The 25th William Blum Lecture, Engineering Properties of Various Coatings, - 1984, Dr. Harold J. Wiesner
The 26th William Blum Lecture, Electroanalytical Methods for Research and Development in Electroplating, - 1985, Dr. Yutaka Okin
The 27th William Blum Lecture, The Plating Solution and the Human Body: Complex Electrochemical Systems, - 1986, Jack Dini
The 28th William Blum Lecture, Anodizing of Aluminum: The Sealing Problem, - 1988, Dr. Simon Wernick
The 29th William Blum Lecture, The Tribology of Contact Finishes for Electronic Connectors, - 1988, Dr. Morton Antler
The 30th William Blum Lecture, An Electrochemical Mystery Story: A Scientific Approach to Chromium Plating, - 1989, Dr. James P. Hoare
The 31st William Blum Lecture, The Application of Engineering Principles to the Practice of Electroplating, - 1990, Dr. Huk Y. Cheh
The 32nd William Blum Lecture, From Art to Technology: Developments in Electroplating in Japan, - 1991, Dr. Tadao Hayashi
The 33rd William Blum Lecture, Electrochemical Technology in Electronics: Past Accomplishments and Future Challenges, - 1992, Lubomyr Romankiw
The 34th William Blum Lecture, Hydrogen in Electrodeposits: Of Decisive Importance, but Much Neglected, - 1993, Prof. Dr. Christoph J. Raub
The 35th William Blum Lecture, Electrodeposition of Alloys, - 1993, Dr. David S. Lashmore
The 36th William Blum Lecture, Rotating Electrodes for Use in Electrodeposition Process Control, - 1995, Dr. David R. Gabe
The 37th William Blum Lecture, Electroless Plating: The Past is Prologue, - 1996, Dr. Juan B. Hajdu
The 38th William Blum Lecture, The Systems View in Automotive Finishes: Essential, but Overlooked, - 1997, Dr. James H. Lindsay
The 39th William Blum Lecture, The NIST (NBS) Electrochemical Processing (Electrodeposition) Group of Today, - 1998, Christian E. Johnson
The 40th William Blum Lecture, Faraday’s Children (and Nickel), - 1999, Dr. George A. DiBari
The 41st William Blum Lecture, Mathematical Modeling of Electrodeposition, - 2000, Dr. Ralph E. White
The 42nd William Blum Lecture, Fundamental Aspects of Alloy Plating, - 2001, Prof. Dr. Dieter Landolt
The 43rd William Blum Lecture, Hydrogen Embrittlement of High Strength Steel: The Russian Approach, - 2002, Vladimir N. Kudryavtsev
The 44th William Blum Lecture, Electrodeposition of Alloys and Composites with Superior Corrosion and Electrocatalytic Properties, - 2004, Prof. Branko N. Popov
The 45th William Blum Lecture, AESF Research Projects and Some Related Results, - 2006, Prof. Howard W. Pickering
The 46th William Blum Lecture, Adventures in Pulse/Pulse Reverse Electrolytic Processes: Explorations and Applications in Surface Finishing, - 2008, Dr. E. Jennings Taylor
The 47th William Blum Lecture, Nickel and Surface Finishing: A Glorious Past - an Uncertain Future, - 2009, Dr. Eric W. Brooman
The 48th William Blum Lecture, Decorative Electroplating: Theory to Explain Rapid Corrosion Due to Calcium Chloride ‘Russian Mud’, - 2010, Dr. Donald Snyder
The 49th William Blum Lecture, Hexavalent Chromium What Else?, - 2011, Dr. Patrick Benaben
The 50th William Blum Lecture, Alloy Plating by Heating Stacked Single Layers and the Possibility of its Application in the Future, - 2013, Hideyuki Kanematsu
The 51st William Blum Lecture, Surface Finishing Sustainability: Technology Pathways, - 2014, Prof. Yinlun Huang
The 52nd William Blum Lecture, Nickel: Science, Health and the Future, - 2015, Dr. Hudson Bates
The 53rd William Blum Lecture, Additive Manufacturing and Surface Finishing, - 2016, Dr. Melissa Klingenberg
The 55th William Blum Lecture, Modeling and Simulation for the Finishing Industry, Nov - 2021, Dr. Keith Legg





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