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November, 1953 issue of Plating


Distaff Side of the A.E.S. Convention

by Frances M. (Mrs. August R.) Hoffman


Greetings again, to all the ladies who attended the convention and to those who found it impossible to join the group. Let us settle down in a nice comfortable spot and review the happenings during the convention in Philadelphia. This will bring back very pleasant memories to those who participated in the many pleasant activities and give a bird’s-eye view to those who were not able to be with us.

“Early bird catches the worm” and what a tasty worm it was. An informal party for the Convention “early birds” was held Sunday night in the Betsy Ross room. There we met new friends and old friends with many exclamations, such as: ”How nice to see you again!.”

The Opening Session on Monday morning was not only interesting but also most educational. We were given a fine picture of “Tomorrow’s Challenge in the Delaware.” Mr. J. Harry La Brum, President of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, outlined the many present developments and future plans for this vital area.

“Plating Practices in Australia” and an Australian tour were presented by our own Dr. Wm. Blum who illustrated his talk with some beautiful color slides.

Monday afternoon was indeed a delightful one. Wanamaker’s auditorium was filled with ladies who came to get acquainted with neighbors from far and near. The charming Mrs. Reba Miller with her many fascinating dolls gave us many helpful points on how to tolerate and learn to live with other people.

Mrs. Miller said, “We are all Children of God.”

Monday night was filled with fun and frolic. The supper dance sponsored by The Metal Finishing Suppliers’ Association was an evening long to remember.

The music, together with the delicious supper, topped with cool drinks, molded each attendant in spirit of fun which ended in a gala evening for all.

Tuesday morning brought the ladies together to participate in the usual very super Aunt Ella party sponsored by the Oakite Products, Inc. We left by bus for Drexelbrook Inn, where a tasty luncheon was served. Mr. Dave Clarin again took over the delightful affair. He remembered to bring back from his trip some interesting gifts which he presented to two lucky ladies. It was that very day, very hour, and very minute, when every lady wanted to possess a slender figure, size 14, so that the colorful hand made jacket would fit her. Anyway, we all declared that we had fun just entertaining the moment of anticipation!

Immediately after lunch, we went to Longwood Gardens where we were literally transported to a garden of magic beauty.
Wednesday was exactly what “the doctor ordered.” The steamer, Delaware Belle, took us out on the cool shining water of the Delaware River. We feasted on wholesome delicacies as the whispering echoes of the waves reached the deck. This was followed by our delightful and most profitable Plato Party sponsored by I.F.C. with Mrs. Joan Wiarda as our gracious and considerate hostess.

Thursday morning brought again the Ladies’ Educational Session which was first introduced in Boston in 1950. Do you remember? Since then, not only do the ladies look forward to the social events of the week, but also to the Educational Session in which they seek “solid” information about plating terms and plating secrets. This, we remember was launched with a delicious breakfast sponsored by Lea Manufacturing Company with Mr. R. Crane as our official quizzer. Groucho Marx would have declared the session very amusing.

The ladies again remarked “It should have lasted longer and Mr. Crane should have given us more plating points.” This was a good indication that the wives continue to “yearn to learn,” not only about plating, but also about their husbands’ activities.
Then after the Educational Session, we had a special sight-seeing trip through many of the historic places of Philadelphia. The good ladies who served on the various convention committees were suddenly transformed from housewives into efficient guides. Congratulations!

Thursday night again brought the event which we look forward to each year with much enthusiasm and joy. It is the night when we not only have fun but also everyone brings much charm. It was truly a gala affair with jolly people and an event which had color and lasting memories. The floor show was superb, the meals delicious and prizes galore!

Thus again, ended the well organized, very ably executed convention which took place in the historic city of Philadelphia and which we again declare, the best convention in 1953.

I am sure that I voice what every lady who attended the convention would like to express sincerely: We felt that our charming chairman, Mrs. Delmar Robson and her very able committee radiated a feeling of welcome. They demonstrated patience and courtesy at all times. In every instance, they were anxious to be of assistance to all of us. It is also amazing to all of us to find such a fine group of capable women who executed the Ladies Program. We fully realize and appreciate the untiring efforts which were woven into this very successful project.

In behalf of all the ladies who attended the convention, may I extend to Mrs. Robson and her committee a most grateful “thank you,” and may it be resolved that their graciousness, hospitality and efforts be remembered as part of the 40th Annual Convention which was organized and executed so efficiently and so pleasantly.

Each year we write in our diary that the Convention was best in that year. Please accept our sincerity. Philadelphia ladies did a beautiful job. We are looking forward to New York City next year. We have already met the Chairman. She is charming! We know, “all is well,” and that the New York Convention will be the best in 1954.



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